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Incognito Galleries offers a unique platform for artists to showcase their work in a private and exclusive setting. With our commitment to artist support, we provide a safe space for creators to express themselves freely.

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Incognito Galleries FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Incognito Galleries and our censored art collection.

Incognito Galleries is an innovative online platform dedicated to the exhibition of artistic works. Our mission is to provide a safe and uncensored space for artists to express their creativity. We celebrate the diversity of artistic expression, offering a sanctuary for creators who might face censorship or limitations in traditional art spaces.

We believe that true artistic expression should not be hindered by censorship. Art often
challenges norms, provokes thought, and can be a powerful tool for social commentary. By
focusing on censored art, Incognito Galleries aims to uphold the freedom of expression and
ensure that impactful, thought-provoking, and culturally significant works reach a broader

Visit Our Website: Navigate to the Incognito Galleries website and enter the ‘Upload’ section.

Agree to Terms and Conditions: Before submitting your artwork, ensure you have read and
agreed to our terms. These include strict prohibitions against content such as child pornography,
explicit sexual violence, harm to minors, and excessive depictions of death or violence. Your
submission should comply with all legal and ethical standards. By proceeding to the upload
section, you acknowledge and accept these conditions.

Fill Out the Submission Form: Complete the submission form with details about your artwork
and your artist’s statement, helping us to understand the context and intent behind your work.

Upload High-Quality Images: After filling out the form, upload high-quality images of your
artwork that accurately represent it.

Wait for Approval: Our curatorial team will review your submission based on these terms. We
uphold the highest standards to ensure that all content on our platform aligns with our ethical
guidelines and legal requirements. You will be contacted with further steps and notified about
the status of your submission.

Yes, your art is safe with us. We take the security and integrity of your artwork very seriously.
Our platform employs advanced security measures to protect against unauthorized access,
duplication, or misuse.

Incognito Galleries handles censorship issues by providing a platform where censorship does
not dictate artistic expression. We review all submissions with a focus on artistic merit rather
than conformity to specific social or political norms. Our goal is to allow artists to share their
vision unfiltered, while also respecting legal boundaries and ethical standards. We offer
guidance and support to artists to navigate complex issues surrounding controversial art,
ensuring that their voice is heard without compromising their safety or integrity.

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